Payment Methods Accepted
1) Cash
2) Postal Money Orders
3) Pay pal
4) Walmart to Walmart
5) We will take a personal or business check for deposit’s only

If paying by pay pal you must add on for processing fee’s
No personal checks accepted For final payment of your puppy!!!

Pricing for Siberian Husky Pups
The price for our Siberian Husky puppies is $1,200 with a limited registration. Limited means the pup will not be used for breeding EVER....
Unless otherwise stated. A extra fee & our approval will need to be made with anyone wishing to have full registration.

Repeat buyers will receive a $100 discount.
When buying more then one puppy a $100 will be taken off the purchase price of the
second puppy.

Pricing for Alaskan Husky Pups
The price for our Alaskan Husky puppies is $800 unless stated otherwise. Limited
registration unless agreement made with River Bottom Kennels prier to purchase.

A $200 non-refundable deposit is required to hold your puppy by the time the puppy turns three weeks old. Pups will not be held until the deposit is received unless agreed
upon. We will transfer your deposit to a future litter if the sex or color you desire is not produced also death of a puppy will result in the transfer of your deposit. If you are
unable to wait for a future litter or choose not to get a puppy from us than your deposit will be lost.
If for some reason you have not picked up your puppy on the day that was arranged or you need us to keep your puppy for you past the age of 8 weeks old we are happy
to. We charge $8 per day for food and board that will be added to the sale price and must be paid before the puppy ships/goes to its new home. After nine weeks of age if
pup is not picked up/shipped the pup can be resold and all monies received will be forfeited unless other arrangements are made.

We have included the fee charged by PayPal in the total, so a $200 deposit will show up as $207, etc.

Shipping Policies by Air
Shipping costs are always the responsibility of the buyer.
We will be happy to ship these puppies anywhere you may live. Pups are shipped to the nearest major international airport providing the airlines goes to the specified airport.
Shipping cost is usually between $380 & $450 if shipped in the USA.
Your puppy will be shipped in an airline approved kennel. Kennel cost depending on size and age of puppy being shipped will be added to the cost of the puppy. Puppies
can not be shipped until they are 8 weeks old.
If two pups are shipped from the same litter or are relatively the same size they can be shipped in the same crate. You will need one other health certificate. Shipping two
pups is an additional $100 if they are shipped in the same kennel. .

Shipping or Delivery by ground
We will try to make arrangements to deliver your puppy if you can not make it to River Bottom to pick up your puppy.
Delivery is free within certain range of River Bottom we will also consider meeting you part way for no additional charge again within range.
We also offer delivery of your new pup with A Country Mile Pet Transportation.