River Bottom’s Facility & Visiting Policies

Our Visiting Policies
We'd just like to start off by saying that this is our home and not a pet store or a store front, so please be respectful and understanding of this.
The health and safety of our dogs, puppies, and our home is always our number one priority, so we take every precaution to protect them. Many
people question if they can come see, play with the puppies, or just visit us.  After much trial and error the answer to this question is NO!! As much
as I desire to accommodate visitors for a slew of reasons including LIABILITY we have to strictly limited access to who comes on our property and
visits our dogs and puppies. There are several explanations as to why we don't let anyone around the puppies between birth and 8 weeks. All of
which are to protect our dogs, facility, and YOUR NEW PUPPY.  Below you will find not only details as to why the answer is no, but also information
as to what you can do in the meantime to prepare for your new puppy's home coming.

We get many calls and email inquiries a day and we simply can't accommodate the high volume of request. Some of these inquiries are from our
potential new puppy parents, but a lot of others are from people claiming they just want to "look" or "visit" and play with the dogs and puppies.
Litters of purebred puppies are a high target for theft, dog flipping, and animal right extremists. If we were to allow everyone to see, touch, spend
time with, or "just peek" at the new babies. We would greatly risk their SAFETY and increase the opportunity for the puppies and our dogs to pick
up an infectious disease with each new contact. If your reason for wanting to do this is because you are still in the research phase and undecided
about the breed, we will be happy to help you learn all about the breed via email and phone. We are also more then happy to provide pictures and
videos at any point.
Many people don't realize there are countless things to consider as a breeder of home raised puppies. Visitors can (of course unknowingly) bring
diseases onto the property on their feet, hands, clothing etc. The dangers of exposing young puppies to communicable diseases is very serious
and can be detrimental to our breeding program and the welfare of our dogs. Diseases such as parvo can live for years in the soil, pet stores,
carpet, dog parks, training facilities, kennels, vet offices, rest stops, sidewalks (anywhere dogs go) and unknowingly be tracked in.
Young and newborn puppies don't have fully developed immune systems and are susceptible to these life threatening illnesses. When a disease
like parvo strikes it can kill a whole litter within a matter of hours and can stay in the carpet and soil for YEARS which would be devastating to our
breeding program and property. The puppies will have maternal antibodies built up as they grow and get stronger, but are never totally immune.
Therefore, precautions must be taken to ensure their good health. They are not old enough to vaccinate as it can interfere with these maternal
antibodies building and their own immune systems coming on board. Vaccinating can hurt more then it helps when administering too young. Until
you take your puppy home we are responsible and the puppy's health and safety is our priority.

We would also like to point out that it is extremely stressful for mothers to have strangers coming and going as they are caring for their new litters
or preparing for delivery. This can put stress on them causing them to become very protective of their new puppies, impending litters, and nests
during this sensitive time. This would not be a good time to assess the mother's temperament. Her routine would be disrupted, her eating, caring
for the pups, and even her milk production could be at risk. Not to mention the fact that mother dogs may not accept a puppy back after being
handled by a stranger. We are definitely not trying to offend you by using the term stranger but in fact to our dogs that is what you are.

We take great care and much time caring for all of our dogs and their puppies it is time and energy consuming. This is what we do best, so please
let us do it. We are happy that you are enthusiastic about getting your new puppy and when the time comes to bring it home we are happy to meet
you in a mutual safe meeting place.

In the meantime, hopefully you can keep busy until your puppy is ready to go home! Here are some things that you can do.
'Visit Us Online' on our website, Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. We often post pictures and videos of the new litters, puppies, and dogs. Also
you can keep in touch via email and phone and we would be happy to talk with you about your puppies progress until your puppy is ready to go
home. You also may want to take this time to start preparing for your puppy's arrival.
- Puppy proof your house.
- Purchase a Kennel if you will be crate training.
- Get Stainless steel food and water dishes.
- If your a new puppy owner get some reading material on Siberian Huskies and puppy training.
- Look into puppy obedience classes near you.
- Order your Nuvet Vitamins.
The time will go by before you know it and you'll be bringing your new baby home!

Everything we do is for the health and well being of our dogs.
Thank you for understanding this, RBK

Our Facility-
Our facility is composed of four buildings the first two are 16 X 30 fully insulated, sided, and shingled. These buildings are equipped with over
head storage space, windows with screens, and double doors to let the fresh air in or use with a optional air conditioner for the summer months.
These buildings are equipped with 10 X 20 runs on the outside and 8 X 5 runs on the inside. Our third building is a 12 x 20 a-frame building fully
insulated and heated with a shingled roof and aluminum siding. The building is equipped with over head storage space and windows with screens
to allow the fresh air in or to use with an optional air conditioner for the summer months. The back side of the kennel building includes a K9 kennel
configuration system. Inside each dog has a 4 x 4 area with a bed through the dog door to the outside each dog has a 4 X 12 run with an attached
anti dig system and heated water bowls for the winter months. On the left and right side of the kennel building inside is a 4 X 4 area with a bed
through the dog door to the outside is a 5 X 23 run. Each run is equipped with a extra large pet safe dog door with a locking panel so the dogs
can be locked in at night if we choose. Also on the left side of the building is a 5 X 15 run with a dog house. Our fourth building is a 8 x 14 double
kennel building with dura-temp siding and insulation. This building is mainly used for pregnant dams waiting to be moved into our in house
whelping nest. The inside of the building includes two windows with screens for air as well as two 4 x 6 areas with built in heated floors. In this
building the dogs have full sized dog doors with 24 hour access to two covered 4 x 8 outdoor runs with elevated floors and composite decking.
Below is some pics of our kennel buildings at various stages of completion..