River Bottom’s - Contract, Policies & Procedures

We (the seller) make no guarantee on size-weight-height coat/color-tint or eye color of any pup.

Deposit’s and Pick up
A $100 non refundable but transferable deposit is required to be placed on our waiting list for a future litter. A
$200 non-refundable deposit is required to hold your puppy by the time the puppy turns four weeks old. Pups will
not be held until the deposit is received unless agreed upon. We (the seller) will transfer your deposit to a future
litter if the sex or color you desire is not produced, also death of a puppy will result in the transfer of your deposit.
If you (the buyer) are unable to wait for a future litter or choose not to get a puppy from us than your deposit and
all other monies we have received towards the purchase of the puppy will be lost.
If for some reason you (the buyer) have not picked up your puppy on the day that was arranged or you (the
buyer) need us to keep your puppy for you past the age of 8 weeks old we are happy to. We (the seller) charge
$8 per day for food and board that will be added to the sale price and must be paid before the puppy ships/goes
to its new home. After nine weeks of age if the pup is not picked up/shipped the pup can be resold and the
deposit and all other monies we (the seller) have received towards the purchase of the puppy will be forfeited
unless other arrangements are made.

Health Guarantee & Recommendations
Any pup leaving will be healthy to our (the sellers) knowledge and experience as well as vet checked by a licensed
veterinarian and given a healthy puppy certificate.
Wormings are done every two weeks with pyrental paramote and ending with a treatment of sentinel spectrum.
Sentinel Spectrum works to control fleas, major intestinal worms, and heartworms. A 5in1 puppy shot will be given
at approximately 8 weeks of age.

We (the seller) take every precaution to insure the safety of all of our animals, but because we have no control
over the animal once it leaves our kennel, We (the seller) accept no responsibility for the death or illness of
animals which may be brought on by/or as a direct result of shipping or exposure to other animals and the
environment as well as the negligence of others.
We (the seller) will not be responsible for and under no circumstances pay for any vet bills, shipping cost, room,
board, or destruction of property etc….

We (the seller) do guarantee the health of the puppy for 48 hours after purchase and shipment. The pup must be
seen by a licensed veterinarian at your (the buyers) expense within the 48 hours after pick up or shipment of your
If the puppy dies or becomes sick from an illness within the 48 hour guarantee time, The pup must be RETURNED
to River Bottom along with the AKC registration certificate and we (the seller) will replace the puppy from our next
available litter or refund the purchase price our (the sellers) choice less shipping charges and vet cost. If the
puppy is euthanized or dies buyer must do a autopsy at buyer cost to prove what pup died of….Seller is not
reliable for any costs that accrue.
Any claims as a result of this guarantee must be accompanied by a veterinary statement and any other
documentation required by River Bottom. If the buyer elects to keep the pup no replacement or refunds will be
issued and the owner shall be considered to have forfeited all claims.

This guarantee does not cover well puppy visits, regular vaccines, de-worming, or any other veterinary care or
medications also we (the seller) do not cover any PARASITES what so ever!!!!! Parasites can be picked up
anywhere thus we (the seller) assume no responsibility for any Parasites nor do we (the seller) take responsibility
for any illness or death caused by any parasites.

All veterinary care is the responsibility of the owner (buyer).
After 48 hours the guarantee no longer applies and no money will be refunded.

Please follow your veterinarian’s recommended vaccine schedule.

We recommend that you use a monthly flea & tick preventative as well as a monthly heart worm preventative.
We use NuVet Canine Vitamins and Supplements I would highly recommend that you continue to use NuVet, we
truly see a difference in our dogs and pups since we've been using this brand.
It may be very beneficial to you to enroll your husky puppy in obedience classes. Huskies have a lot of energy and
a mind of their own. These classes are a good way for you and your pup to get a handle on basic commands and
for your pup to socialize with other dogs.  

AKC Papers
We (the seller) will hold your puppies AKC papers here until we receive proof of spay/neuter. We (the seller) will
not be responsible for the AKC papers or the bill of sale getting lost. If you (the buyer) needs replacement papers
it will be at buyers cost.
Buyer agrees that when filling out the name portion of the AKC registration papers he (the buyer) will include
River Bottom as part of the dogs name. River Bottom has 120 days from recite of proof of spay/neuter to release
the AKC papers to the buyer.

Limited Registration
All pups at River Bottom Kennels are sold with a Limited Registration unless other arrangements have been
made. Limited Registration means that the dog is registered but no litters produced by that dog are eligible for
Under no circumstances shall this dog be bred!! In the instance that a breeding takes place with
out a prior arrangement being made with River Bottom Kennels then you will owe River Bottom Kennels a fee of
$1,500. Limited Registration helps breeders protect their breeding programs.
You must get your dog spayed
or neutered
by the time he or she turns 12 months old. A dog registered with an AKC Limited Registration shall
be ineligible to be entered in a breed competition in a licensed or member dog show. It is eligible, however, to be
entered in any other licensed or member event. These events include: Obedience, Tracking, Field Trials, Hunting
Tests, Herding, Lure Coursing, Agility and Earthdog.

Co-ownership agreements will be made with persons wishing to breed one of our (the sellers) pups in the future
these agreements are usually made to protect the kennel name and also when we (the seller) are dealing with
novice and or beginner breeders, as well as dogs that may be shown in the future.
Co-ownership means that you (the buyer) and us (the sellers)names are on the AKC registration paper that is all
it means. It doesn't mean that you don't own the dog. The dog is yours, you pay for the dog, the food, vet care,
training, grooming, etc. The breeder pays for nothing.
If you (the buyer) are purchasing a female Siberian under the co-owner contract and you (the buyer) decide to
breed her, we (the seller) will provide the stud and you (the buyer) will be asked either to provide us (the seller)
with two puppies from each litter our (the sellers choice) or a stud fee, again this will be our (the sellers) choice.
Remaining pups from these litters should be sold with limited registration papers again unless a co-ownership or
other arrangements are agreed upon.

If purchasing a male Siberian on a co-owner agreement we (the seller) will ask that you (the buyer)use him as a
stud with AKC registered females only, if you (the buyer) decide to breed him. You (the buyer) will be asked to
provide us (the seller) with a puppy from each litter he sires our (the sellers) choice. Remaining pups from these
litters should be sold with limited registration again unless a co-ownership or other arrangements are agreed upon.
Co-ownership is basically to ensure that you (the buyer) are doing the right thing with the dog and you (the buyer)
are not back yard breeding. If the dog is show quality then the breeder is going to want to be notified of any and
all shows and awards that the dog is in or receives.

Full Registration
Full Registration is available to approved homes if prior arrangements are made.

Additional Buyer Agreements
Buyer agrees to provide proper veterinary care, shelter, food, and water for the dog at all times.
Buyer agrees not to abuse, neglect, or abandon the puppy/dog at anytime.
If the buyer can no longer care for the puppy/dog at any time, then the buyer agrees to return the
puppy/dog to River Bottom Kennels and River Bottom will find a suitable replacement home.
In the
instance the puppy/dog is not returned to River Bottom then you will owe River Bottom a fee of $1,000 and it will
be up to you to recover and return the puppy/dog to River Bottom Kennels.

This acts as a contract between the (seller) River Bottom Kennels


And the (buyer)________________________________________________
Upon the Signing of this contract both parties agree to the terms listed above.

Print Name________________________________________



Please print out and mail with deposit