About Us

Welcome to River Bottom Kennels located in the scenic
Berkshire Mountains of upstate New York.  Our kennel is
surrounded by some of the most beautiful woods, lakes,
streams, and mountains in the area, making it a perfect place
to raise the very energetic Siberian Husky.

We have been breeding Siberian Huskies for over a decade
now and find it very rewarding. The Siberian is an active,
energetic, resilient breed of dog who's ancestors came from
the extremely cold and harsh environment of the Siberian
Arctic. Originally bred by the Chukchi the Siberian was
imported into Alaska, Canada, and the United States as a sled
dog it then quickly acquired the status of a family pet and
show dog.

Most people are first attracted to the Sibe by it's looks, each
with it's own distinctive markings they are a striking breed,
with a variety of colors and facial markings. They also tend to
have a wolf-like appearance with a thick double coat, erect
triangle ears and a sickle tail.

Our dogs are spoiled, they run things around here and they
know it!  We are very dedicated to our dogs and to the litters
of pups born here at River Bottom. We want to make sure all
of are dogs and puppies are healthy and happy. We do this by
frequent vet visits, up to date immunizations, a good diet,
lots of socialization, and exercise or as we like to say "play
time"! We have several trails that our huskies run and
explore daily and all of are puppies are family raised.

Striving to improve are kennels and the quality of our
Siberians we are always making improvements here at River
Bottom. Whether it's upgrading our actual grounds or
bringing in new quality bloodlines to our pedigree. We want
to make sure you are completely satisfied with your new little
Sibe. So feel free to browse our website as often as you like
contact us with any interest or questions you may have.

Thank You,
River Bottom Kennels