Once we decided to take the plunge, finding a breeder was made simple through the easily navigable website.  They provide detailed history on all
of their sires and dames, allowing for confidence in the puppies' health. With weekly photo updates and trips to the vet, the 8 week wait was made
bearable. Kingsley has been a wonderful addition to our family, and is lovable and intelligent. Crate and house training has been made easy due to
RiverBottom's care prior to the puppies joining their forever homes. We're so grateful to RiverBottom for providing us with such a sweet ball of fur. :)
The Cortez Family
was worth every cent. I also love the way they set up their kennels. You can tell River Bottom Kennel's are true dog lover's! They made buying a
pup easy, answered any questions right away after i brought him home. I am now the happiest girl alive, so a BIG thanks to them. I named him
River                                                           Thank you so much,
                                            Tammy McCartney
Our experience with River Bottom Huskies really couldn't have been better. I have never owned a dog, but my boyfriend has wanted a husky all his
life. I will admit that I was absolutely terrified. I had questions for River Bottom nearly every day once we decided on the litter we would choose from.
We decided on a black and white male from the Toboggan/O'Phallen litter, who we named "Utah" (after a movie character). He is absolutely
gorgeous and has been so much fun. Obviously, it is a big commitment, but his sweet blue eyes and lovable personality have made it worth it. We
enrolled in puppy obedience classes, and the instructor uses Utah for all the demonstrations. She continues to remind me how smart and eager to
please us he is (although I have to admit he came to us already completely trained to sit haha.. but I took the credit!). The experience, from
choosing a litter and pup all the way to delivery and River bottom checking in to make sure things were going well, have made it a smooth and
pleasant experience. Utah loves people and animals alike, therefore we are able to take him everywhere and he's usually the highlight for friends
We have purchased a beautiful white blue eyed baby from River Bottom Kennels. We can't express enough the joy he brings into our hearts. We
already had a husky and now that Dante is here the two of them are never apart. He is learning so quick. River Bottom Kennels will answer any
questions you could ever have. They have been a joy to work with. My family and I will never buy another husky anywhere but here. Thank you RBK
corresponded with Racquel and staff quite a bit. They were supporting and understanding through the entire process. Racquel's descriptions of my
Red's personality was right on. She knows her puppies! Red is a perfect fit for our family and we absolutely love him! Thank you RBK!!!