UpComing Litters
The Males and Females listed below were mated

We can not Guarantee the mating will take.
As the breeder, River Bottom Kennels reserves the right of top pick of each litter
regardless of deposits placed.
Waiting lists are as follows
All waiting list are on a first come first serve basis!
We will reserve four puppies per litter. To be placed in any spot
on our tentative waiting list is free of charge. A $100 non
refundable deposit is required to be placed on a specific waiting
list.  If you put a deposit down and do not want a puppy in the
litter your deposit can be moved for pick in a future litter. A
$200 non refundable deposit and your puppy pick is required
within four weeks after the puppies are born. All deposits will
come off the purchase price of the puppy. If you want a certain
color, sex, ect.. You may choose to be placed on our tentative
waiting list below. To place your deposit using paypal please go to
payments page.
Please Fill out our
Puppy Application
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from River Bottom Huskies. Copyright 2000-2019. All rights reserved.
These are our tentative plans for future breedings These are
estimated time frames as to when the female will come into
season. All Matings are subject to change.
Planned Breedings
                  Planned Breedings for  2019
*Waiting List*
1st pick: Reserved
2nd pick: Available
3rd pick: Available
4th pick: Available
5th pick: Available